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  • Bearing Rebabbitting Service
    Replacement and rebabbitting services for white metal bearings is offered by us. We ensure that white metal of higher grade is used for rebabbitting of the bearing. After the removal of white metal from the old bearing, the bearing inner casing is thoroughly inspected for any cracks or
  • Cracked Engine Block Metal Stitching

    RA Power Solutions repair cracked engine block by metal stitching and metal locking process while vessel is sailing. We have four decades of experience in repairing engine components by cold process i.e. metal locking and metal stitching.

  • Crankpin Grinding Service
    Our highly skilled and trained supervisors and technicians offer crank pin grinding services on-site, on-board and off-shore. We are known as one of the respected leading companies in this field of crank pin grinding and crankpin polishing. Our technicians travels all over the world without any
  • Crankpin Reconditioning Service
    Crankpin reconditioning is required in case of development of excessive taper and ovality in crankpin more than the limit specified by the manufacturer. Timely crankpin reconditioning is advisable to avoid any major damage to the crankshaft . RA Power Solutions extends crank pin reconditioning
  • Crankshaft Grinding Insitu
    Crankshaft grinding services are extended for the engines installed in diesel power plants and on vessel. The crankshaft grinding services are provided through our technicians who have experience of working with engine manufacturers. All crankshaft grinding services extended by RA Power Solutions
  • Crankshaft Repair on Ship
    Crankshaft repair and crankshaft polishing is undertaken by our highly skilled trained and motivated technicians. RA Power Solutions has experience of more than forty years in this field of crankshaft repair on land sites and on board seagoing vessels and off-shore anywhere in the world. We are the
  • Diesel Engine Repairing Service
    Periodic repair and maintenance of diesel engine is required as per the recommendation of manufacturer. RA Power Solutions undertakes diesel engine repair and maintenance, replacement of crankshaft and overhauling of marine engine and engine installed in power plants and industry. The main
  • Metal Stitching and Metal Locking
    Metal stitching is a cold process of repairing cracks in cast metals without the need of welding. No heat is generated in this effective metal stitching process. Metal stitching is a reasonable repair method when some cracks appear or major pieces break from any cast iron component. Metal locking
  • Onsite Crankshaft Grinding
    RA Power Solutions have a team of technicians who are skilled and specialises in providing onsite crankshaft grinding services. They are experts in the refurbishment of crankshaft, crankpin and main journal bearings onsite. We have forty years of experience working on board sea going vessels and
  • In-situ Crankshaft Machining Service
    In-situ machining of crankshaft is a latest process by which crankshaft machining is undertaken without disassembly of the equipment. There is no requirement of removal of crankshaft from the block and to send it to the designated workshop. Insitu machining is getting popular as it saves downtime
  • Metal Crack Repairing

    Metal surgery, metal locking and metal stitching is a cold process and no stresses are developed. RA Power Solutions uses high grade of metal keys and metal locks for repair of crack by metal stitching and metal lock process. This is a proven method of crack repair.

  • Engine Casting Repair Service
    The crack repair and repair of damaged cast iron casting and aluminum cast parts are repaired by metal locking and metal stitching process. RA Power Solutions have team of technicians having valid CDC and can fly any part of the world to execute repair of cracks or repair of damage casting by metal
  • Crankcase Metal Stitching Service
    RA Power Solutions repair crankcase by metal stitching and metal locking process. It is a cold and Class approved process of repairing engine components. No heat is generated in this process. We have a team of technicians having years of experience in repairing engine components by metal locking